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In 2012, after leaving his previous company, Glück's founder, Gabriel Navarro, wanted to do something different. He wanted to build a company with purpose and a profound, personal mission. The concept for the company started as "kids for kids" - selling treats to kids with means and using the profits to help kids in need. In the process, the company would inspire kids to help others. As Gabriel searched for words that aligned with this concept, he came across the German word, Glück (pronounced "gleeuk"), which means "happiness" and "good luck". This meaning resonated, and Glück Snacks was born.

There are over 148 million orphaned and abandoned kids in the world, and only 1% of them will ever be adopted. Gabriel decided to focus the company’s attention on helping these kids, who could use a bit of luck in their lives.

So, Glück began by creating wholesome snacks that the entire family can enjoy. Glück offers veggie sticks, veggie chips and popped corn in a variety of savory flavors. All snacks are non-GMO and free from gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors and trans fats. With every product that you buy, Glück shares a portion of the profits with community organizations that help orphaned and abandoned kids live happier, more prosperous lives. Stamped on each bag is how much money is shared with these organizations.


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